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friendly and helpful.
2 months ago
- Sharon V.
Dr. Anderson is the best eye Dr. I have ever had. She goes the extra mile to get my contact prescription the best it can be. I have had some new allergies so she gave me new samples to try until we found something that worked. Can say enough good things about her and the entire staff.
2 months ago
- Merry H.
I was experiencing very cloudy vision in one eye. They worked me in within 2 hours, discovered the problem and referred me to for a laser procedure. I highly recommend Murphy Eye.
4 months ago
- Michelle G.
No, I did not have 'evil eye' or even pinkeye. After a 2nd opinion, there was something wrong with the eye drops administered for retinal dilation by a different opthamologist...I am getting better daily with different diagnosis and different medication. I would like to publically thank Dr Ethan Royster, Shelby, and the fine staff at Wylie Eye Center for their expert care and treatment. The photo was taken BEFORE I saw Dr. Royster..I am much better now!!
2 months ago
- Daniel M.
Wylie eye center was absolutely amazing! I was having a hard time finding contacts that worked for me and they went out of their way to make sure I found a perfect fit. I would definitely recommend them!
2 months ago
- Tamara R.
My family has been seeing Dr Anderson for years and has loved her. Due to my aging eyes I have had to recently start seeing her as well. At my appointment yesterday I had to wait approximately 30 minutes past my scheduled appointment time because they had a patient emergency in the office. Dr. Anderson stayed cool and calm and did not make me feel rushed or hurried even though I know she was running behind. She was still very thorough. When you are having a problem, she is willing to dig deep to find a solution and the results you were hoping for. She spent extra time with me to diagnose my problem and I really appreciated it very much. She is very warm, caring and concerned for the health of your eyes. We are still working on finding the best fit of multi focal contact lens for me and my chronic dry eyes. I am confident she can help me achieve that goal. I left the office feeling encouraged we were on the right path. I am so thankful for Dr Anderson and her staff.
3 months ago
- Dr. K.
Very well organized and friendly service!
4 months ago
- David H.